Slanx 2.0

This is a new attempt to implement a xml-based programming language. The proposed implementation wraps the C# 2.0 specification into a XML shape. As a tradition in new programming language specifications, the following "hello world" aplication depicts the layout of a minimal application in Slanx:

Hello, World

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!-- Hello World application in Slanx -->
<code xmlns="">
     <using ns="System" />
     <class access="public" type="Program">
          <method access="public" modifier="static" return="void" name="Main">
              <call method="Console.WriteLine" param="Hello, World!" />

Why XML-based?

  • Editable with any xml editor, validation can be done against XSD schema definition
  • Easily convertible to C# and other programming languages via XSL stylesheets
  • Easier to parse than any other programming language syntax
  • Suitable to combine code inside XML data files or viceversa

Design criteria

  • XML tag names inspired in C# and
  • Shortest syntax possible, intensive use of attributes

Language Reference

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